The Blue Bus Drives Economic Development in Mid-Michigan

ST. JOHNS, MI: Clinton Transit has been essential to economic revitalization in Mid-Michigan, and recent data shows the role that the public transit agency has played in the region’s employment and economic vitality. In the time since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, ridership on the Blue Bus has not only recovered but has surpassed pre-pandemic numbers. From 2019 to 2022, the number of riders using Clinton Transit to get to work, visit local businesses, attend healthcare appointments, and other everyday activities has increased by 27%, thanks in part to the agency’s expanded service offerings and safe, convenient, reliable service.
In 2021, Clinton Transit added Saturday service, and today 80% of Saturday rides are employment related. Reliable public transportation to and from work eliminates a potential barrier for workers and provides peace of mind for employers. Work-related trips on the Blue Bus increased from 14% of rides to 34% of rides over the course of the last two years, a strong sign of Clinton Transit’s role in the region’s workforce.
Access to employment isn’t the only sign of positive economic impact. Area residents have seen the Blue Bus making frequent trips in the central business districts around the county as riders visit local shops, restaurants, grocery stores, and other community hot spots. Put simply, people ride the Blue Bus on their way to earn money and spend money. This connection to local businesses, jobs and resources not only improves the quality of life for residents of Clinton County but also boosts the economic vitality of the entire Mid-Michigan area.
“When people think about their local economy, thriving businesses and good jobs for residents, it’s important that public transit also comes to mind,” said MaLissa Schutt, Executive Director of Clinton Transit. “A community’s economic power is its people, and public transit is the connective tissue that keeps people connected to all the places they want to go.”
Without accessible, affordable transportation for all, a community’s resources cannot be utilized to their full potential. Clinton Transit is making sure that people in Clinton County have access to the services, businesses and connections that contribute to a high quality of life.
Established in 2001, Clinton Transit has been providing curb-to-curb service to meet the needs of all Clinton County residents. Fondly known as the Blue Bus, the on-demand transit system responds to ride requests and provides safe, reliable transportation to all county residents. This creates a more connected, accessible and vibrant Clinton County. For more information on the Blue Bus, visit